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April 01st, 2020 3:15:41 PM

Business Customers

- Is your network secure?
- Are your computers working to the best of their abilities?
- Are your employees slacking off?
- Is Spyware or Viruses running amok on your computers and network?
- Need an IT person but can't afford a full time employee for the job?

Residential Customers
(Home Users)

- Does your computer always lockup?
- Want to share your internet access, printer,files or gaming consoles?
- Computer old and need and a replacement?
- Viruses and Spyware slowing your computer down?

Educators & Students

- Confused about Mathematics, or Programming?
- Need a different point of view?
- Free practice quizzes and exams.

We work hard to keep your computer running for the lowest cost to you. We are not in the game to make you buy a new computer, just keep you happy with a working computer.

Tutoring and practice exams are available to students that need help in the subjects we can tutor. Smartness doesn't always flow through our heads so we help you learn how to open the knowledge floodgates.


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